Laura Benedict

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In this paper we investigate the extent to which insurance companies utilize financial derivatives contracts in the management of risks. The data set we employ allows us to observe the universe of individual insurer transactions for a class of contracts; namely those normally thought of as off-balance-sheet (OBS). We provide information on the number of(More)
This thesis consists of two di erent parts, having in common the fact that in both, conformal invariance plays a central role. In the rst part, we derive conditions for conformal invariance, in the large N limit, and for the existence of an in nite number of commuting classical conserved quantities, in the Generalized Thirring Model. Our treatment uses the(More)
The chromatic number χ(G) of a graph G is the minimum number of colours required to colour the vertices of G in such a way that no two adjacent vertices of G receive the same colour. A partition of V into χ(G) independent sets (called colour classes) is said to be a χpartition of G. A set S ⊆ V is called a dominating set of G if every vertex in V − S is(More)
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