Laura Bacali

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The aim of this paper is to investigate consumer behavior regarding the environment and the adoption of new patterns of behavior and responsible consumption in the promotion of a Circular Economy (CE) in Romania. With this goal in mind, a questionnaire survey was performed on-line on a nationwide scale to explore consumers’ behaviors and attitudes, which(More)
This paper is based on the annual report regarding the state of the Romanian small and medium enterprises in 2007. It presents the general frame of the use of Information Technology and Communication in Romanian firms, a few coordinates of the use of Information Technology and Communication in the Romanian small and medium enterprises as well as the impact(More)
The four marketing mix elements for goods are placement, product, price and promotion. Decisions related to all these elements should be carefully studied in order for a company to achieve its marketing and corporate objectives. This paper focuses on the promotional instruments and proposes a model that optimally allocates the promotional budget. The model(More)
The paper presents the mathematical modelling of the impact of marketing, innovation and environmental protection expenses on the financial and market performances of the small and medium enterprise, using genetic algorithms. Real data have been obtained from a firm from Cluj-Napoca, which wants to remain anonymous in order to protect its data. The impact(More)
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