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The Contexts of Comprehension: The Information Book Read Aloud, Comprehension Acquisition, and Comprehension Instruction in a First-Grade Classroom
In this article we embed a case study of 1 teacher and her first graders' interactions around information book read alouds within a discussion of the research on reading comprehension instruction andExpand
Genre and Other Factors Influencing Teachers' Book Selections for Science Instruction
Although elementary school teachers have been encouraged for some time to use trade books as part of the science curriculum, little is known about the factors, including genre and teachers'Expand
Children's genre knowledge: An examination of K-5 students' performance on multiple tasks providing differing levels of scaffolding
In this article, we have taken a critical look at the issue of scaffolding in children's writing, beginning with a consideration of the ways in which children's productions of text have beenExpand
Supporting Comprehension Acquisition for Emerging and Struggling Readers: The Interactive Information Book Read-Aloud
This article begins with the suggestion that comprehension-related activities need not wait until children are fluently decoding but may be used during a phase that we term comprehension acquisition.Expand
Beyond the Independent-Level Text: Considering the Reader-Text Match in First Graders' Self-Selections during Recreational Reading.
This study examined the recreational self-selections of two classes of first graders from extensive classroom libraries that included a large percentage of informational books. The followingExpand
A Psychogenetic Perspective on Children's Understanding about Letter Associations during Alphabet Book Readings
This study examined two preschoolers' understandings about letter associations during repeated alphabet book read alouds with their parents from a Piagetian perspective. Data for the presentExpand