Laura B. Levy

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The Greenland Ice Sheet is a major component of the Arctic cryosphere and the magnitude of its response to future climate changes remains uncertain. Longer-term records of climate near the ice sheet margin provide information about natural climate variability and can be used to understand the causes of past changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet. As a proxy for(More)
The optical properties of whole blood are presented for the argon ion laser (488 nm) and He-Ne laser (633 nm) wavelengths. Applying the inverse adding-doubling (IAD) method, the absorption and scattering coefficients and scattering anisotropy coefficient of blood have been determined from the measurements of total diffusive reflectance and transmittance(More)
The influence of major Quaternary climatic changes on growth and decay of the Greenland Ice Sheet, and associated erosional impact on the landscapes, is virtually unknown beyond the last deglaciation. Here we quantify exposure and denudation histories in west Greenland by applying a novel Markov-Chain Monte Carlo modelling approach to all available paired(More)
The bremsstrahlung spectrum from an 8-MeV linear accelerator has been measured using a NaI(T1) spectrometer system. The spectrum shows a low-energy cutoff at 0.4 MeV and the maximum photon energy to be approximately 6% greater than the nominal energy. The maximum emission of energy fluence was 1.6 and 1.8 MeV for measured and calculated values,(More)
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