Laura B Kravetsky

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BACKGROUND Septic shock represents the major cause of infection-associated mortality in the intensive care unit. The possibility that combination antibiotic therapy of bacterial septic shock improves outcome is controversial. Current guidelines do not recommend combination therapy except for the express purpose of broadening coverage when resistant(More)
BACKGROUND We examined social approachability judgments in a psychiatric population that frequently experiences interpersonal difficulties and reduced social satisfaction, individuals with generalized social phobia (gSP). METHODS Our objective was to broaden the understanding of the social cognitive tendencies of individuals with gSP by systematically(More)
BACKGROUND Although evidence suggests the involvement of the amygdala in generalized social phobia (GSP), few studies have examined other neural regions. Clinical, preclinical, and dopamine receptor imaging studies demonstrating altered dopaminergic functioning in GSP suggest an association with striatal dysfunction. This is the first functional magnetic(More)
Our objective was to assess the contribution of lean body mass (LBM) and fat body mass (FBM) to areal bone mineral density (aBMD) in women during the years surrounding menopause. We used a 12-year observational design. Participants included 75 Caucasian women who were premenopausal, 53 of whom were available for follow-up. There were two measurement(More)
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