Laura B Amsden

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OBJECTIVE To estimate whether there is an association between chronic psychosocial stress and low birth weight neonates in low-income women. METHODS Between 1999 and 2004, a random sample of women receiving welfare in nine Illinois counties was selected. The women were then interviewed annually. Women who delivered during this period were identified.(More)
This analysis examines whether young children's (N= 494) general physical health is associated with parental employment, welfare receipt, and health care access within a low-income population transitioning from welfare to work. A latent physical health measure derived from survey and medical chart data is used to capture children's poor health, and parental(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is an association between self-reported and biologic measures of stress in low-income, reproductive-age women. STUDY DESIGN Between 1999 and 2005, randomly selected reproductive-age women from the 1998 welfare rolls in Chicago, IL, were interviewed yearly to assess psychosocial,(More)
BACKGROUND Food allergy prevalence is increasing in US children. Presently, the primary means of preventing potentially fatal reactions are avoidance of allergens, prompt recognition of food allergy reactions, and knowledge about food allergy reaction treatments. Focus groups were held as a preliminary step in the development of validated survey instruments(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined how maternal work and welfare receipt are associated with children receiving recommended pediatric preventive care services. METHODS We identified American Academy of Pediatrics-recommended preventive care visits from medical records of children in the 1999-2004 Illinois Families Study: Child Well-Being. We used Illinois(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the acceptability of non-medical, community-based interviewers obtaining blood samples during in-home interviews from low-income study participants. METHODS Two separate focus groups were conducted, one with ten non-medical community-based interviewers and the other with eight research participants from a low-income population. (Both(More)
Teamwork and good communication are central to the provision of high-quality care. A standardized focus-group protocol was used. Analysis assessed emergent themes of patient safety-related effective and problematic clinician communication. Sixty-three focus groups were conducted with clinicians from five Chicago Pediatric Patient Safety Consortium(More)
OBJECTIVE In 2009, the National Children's Study (NCS) Vanguard Study tested the feasibility of household-based recruitment and participant enrollment by using a birth rate probability sample. In 2010, the NCS Program Office launched 3 alternative recruitment methods. We tested whether direct outreach (DO) recruitment could be a more efficient strategy to(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine effects of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families welfare cash assistance and maternal work requirements on "on-time" childhood vaccination rates. METHODS A stratified random sample of Illinois children from low-income families affected by welfare reform was monitored from 1997 to 2004. Medical records from pediatricians' offices and(More)
PURPOSE Antibiotic prophylaxis is critical to ophthalmology and other surgical specialties. We performed natural language processing (NLP) of 743 838 operative notes recorded for 315 246 surgeries to ascertain two variables needed to study the comparative effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in cataract surgery. The first key variable was an exposure(More)