Laura Arrigoni

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BACKGROUND It is still unclear whether oxidative stress (OS) is a disease consequence or is directly involved in the etiology of neurodegenerative disorders (NDs) onset and/or progression; however, many of these conditions are associated with increased levels of oxidation markers and damaged cell components. Previously we demonstrated the accumulation of(More)
Pregnancy in patients with primary thrombocythemia (PT) is reported to be often complicated by recurrent abortion and fetal growth retardation. Fifteen pregnancies in nine patients with PT are reported. Nine pregnancies had a good outcome, with the birth of a healthy infant. There were two spontaneous abortions and three intrauterine deaths. One pregnancy(More)
Monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation involves major biochemical and structural changes. In order to elucidate the role of gene regulatory changes during this process, we used high-throughput sequencing to analyze the complete transcriptome and epigenome of human monocytes that were differentiated in vitro by addition of colony-stimulating factor 1 in(More)
Previous work indicated that lysine-specific demethylase 1 (Lsd1) can positively regulate the oxidative and thermogenic capacities of white and beige adipocytes. Here we investigate the role of Lsd1 in brown adipose tissue (BAT) and find that BAT-selective Lsd1 ablation induces a shift from oxidative to glycolytic metabolism. This shift is associated with(More)
Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by next generation sequencing (ChIP-seq) is a key technique in chromatin research. Although heavily applied, existing ChIP-seq protocols are often highly fine-tuned workflows, optimized for specific experimental requirements. Especially the initial steps of ChIP-seq, particularly chromatin shearing, are deemed to be(More)
Mutations in the XPD subunit of the transcription/DNA repair factor (TFIIH) give rise to trichothiodystrophy (TTD), a rare hereditary multisystem disorder with skin abnormalities. Here, we show that TTD primary dermal fibroblasts contain low amounts of collagen type VI alpha1 subunit (COL6A1), a fundamental component of soft connective tissues. We(More)
The impact of epigenetics on the differentiation of memory T (Tmem) cells is poorly defined. We generated deep epigenomes comprising genome-wide profiles of DNA methylation, histone modifications, DNA accessibility, and coding and non-coding RNA expression in naive, central-, effector-, and terminally differentiated CD45RA+ CD4+ Tmem cells from blood and(More)
Coordination of energy metabolism is essential for homeostasis of stem cells, whereas an imbalance in energy homeostasis causes disease and accelerated aging. Here we show that deletion or enzymatic inactivation of lysine-specific demethylase 1 (Lsd1) triggers senescence in trophoblast stem cells (TSCs). Genome-wide transcriptional profiling of TSCs(More)