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In this data paper we describe a data set obtained by means of performing an on-line survey to over 2,000 Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) contributors. The survey includes questions related to personal characteristics (gender, age, civil status, nationality, etc.), education and level of English, professional status, dedication to FLOSS projects,(More)
Localization, and in particular translation, is a key aspect of modern end-user software applications. Open source systems have traditionally taken advantage of distributed and volunteer collaboration to carry localization tasks. In this paper, we will analyze the Android source code repository to know how localization and translation is managed: who(More)
A behavioral and physiological method has been developed to study thermal detection in the rat. Threshold temperatures signaling (1) disruption of a trained behavior (forelimb bar pressing) and (2) increased heart rate were determined using a gradually increasing thermal stimulus delivered to the hindlimb. Response thresholds for disruption of bar press(More)
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