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Labeling images with a computer game
A new interactive system: a game that is fun and can be used to create valuable output that addresses the image-labeling problem and encourages people to do the work by taking advantage of their desire to be entertained. Expand
Designing games with a purpose
Data generated as a side effect of game play also solves computational problems and trains AI algorithms.
Social coding in GitHub: transparency and collaboration in an open software repository
It is found that people make a surprisingly rich set of social inferences from the networked activity information in GitHub, such as inferring someone else's technical goals and vision when they edit code, or guessing which of several similar projects has the best chance of thriving in the long term. Expand
Email overload at work: an analysis of factors associated with email strain
This publication contains reprint articles for which IEEE does not hold copyright and which are likely to be copyrighted. Expand
Working with Machines: The Impact of Algorithmic and Data-Driven Management on Human Workers
This findings from a qualitative study describe how drivers responded when algorithms assigned work, provided informational support, and evaluated their performance, and how drivers used online forums to socially make sense of the algorithm features. Expand
Influence of social and technical factors for evaluating contribution in GitHub
It is found that project managers made use of information signaling both good technical contribution practices for a pull request and the strength of the social connection between the submitter and project manager when evaluating pull requests, providing evidence that developers use both technical and social information when evaluating potential contributions to open source software projects. Expand
Controlling interruptions: awareness displays and social motivation for coordination
Results indicate interrupters use awareness displays to time communication only when they and their partners are rewarded as a team and that this timing improves the target's performance on a continuous attention task. Expand
Let's talk about it: evaluating contributions through discussion in GitHub
A study of how developers in open work environments evaluate and discuss pull requests, a primary method of contribution in GitHub finds that the level of a submitter's prior interaction on a project changed how politely developers discussed the contribution and the nature of proposed alternative solutions. Expand
Understanding email use: predicting action on a message
Overall, email usage reflects attentional differences due both to personal propensities and to work demands and relationships, and factors other than message importance also determine how people handle email. Expand
"My Data Just Goes Everywhere: " User Mental Models of the Internet and Implications for Privacy and Security
A qualitative study to understand what people do and do not know about the Internet and how that knowledge affects their responses to privacy and security risks suggests a greater emphasis on policies and systems that protect privacy andSecurity without relying too much on users' security practices. Expand