Laura A. Wellman

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Dyreng et al. (2008) find considerable variation in cash ETRs both across and within industries. One possible explanation for this phenomenon is that firms (and/or industries) have varying degrees of success via the political process (Zimmerman 1983). Corporations develop political strategies that allow them to compete in the public policy arena. We test(More)
The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for student assessment is well established, with an extensive body of research documenting that this is a valid means to assess clinical skills that are fundamental to the practice of medicine. The OSCE consists of a circuit of stations which tests a range of skills and learning to assess undergraduate(More)
In this study, we examine whether sell-side security analysts gain inside information from political connections. We measure analysts’ political connections based on political contributions at the brokerage house level. We argue that to the extent brokerages invest in political connections to obtain private information, analysts at politically connected(More)
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