Laura A Percy

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To replicate a previous study, 16 psychophysiological insomniacs were randomly assigned to either Theta feedback or sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) feedback. Evaluations by home sleep logs and by 3 nights in the laboratory were done before biofeedback, immediately after biofeedback, and 9 months later. Results from this study replicate previous findings. Both(More)
Iron deficiency (ID) is the most common micronutrient deficiency worldwide with >20% of women experiencing it during their reproductive lives. Hepcidin, a peptide hormone mostly produced by the liver, controls the absorption and regulation of iron. Understanding iron metabolism is pivotal in the successful management of ID and iron deficiency anaemia (IDA)(More)
To cite: Percy L, Mansour D. J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care 2013;39:237–240. BACKGROUND The combined oral contractive pill (COC) has been available for over 50 years but are we providing women with the regimens they want? As far back as 1977, Louden et al. reported the use of 84 active pills with a 7-day break to free women from monthly periods, yet(More)
To assess the usefulness of a sleep disorders center the authors sent follow-up questionnaires to patients and referring physicians 9 months after each diagnostic evaluation. Findings suggest that sleep disorders centers provide a useful diagnostic service, especially for patients suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness. This problem usually has a(More)
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