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UNLABELLED As a method of experimental pain induction, the cold pressor test is thought to mimic the effects of chronic conditions effectively. A survey of previous studies using the cold pressor, however, revealed a lack of standardization and control of water temperature, questioning comparability and reliability. This study reports the influence of(More)
This study investigates the effects of music listening on perception and tolerance of experimentally induced cold pressor pain. Fifty-four participants (34 females, 20 males) each underwent 3 cold pressor trials while listening to (a) white noise, (b) specially designed relaxation music, and (c) their own chosen music. Tolerance time, pain intensity on(More)
Research studies of 'audioanalgesia', the ability of music to affect pain perception, have significantly increased in number during the past two decades. Listening to preferred music in particular may provide an emotionally engaging distraction capable of reducing both the sensation of pain itself and the accompanying negative affective experience. The(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review brings together developments over the past year in pain research using qualitative methodologies. In line with the goals of the current biopsychosocial model of pain, such a research framework offers in-depth understanding of the experience of pain within its cultural, familial and socioeconomic environmental context. RECENT(More)
Little empirical investigation has been made of the relationship between personality and gambling play style. In an observation of on-table poker behavior, this study classified 44 players competing in an amateur league (43 male; mean age 32) according to two main dimensions of play style; tight or loose and aggressive or passive. Superstitious beliefs(More)
A series of azepanone inhibitors of cathepsin S is described. Selectivity over both cathepsin K and cathepsin L was achieved by varying the P2 substituent. Ultimately, a balanced potency and selectivity profile was achieved in compound 39 possessing a 1-methylcyclohexyl alanine at P2 and nicotinamide as the P' substituent. The cellular potency of selected(More)
Antibodies are an important class of drugs, comprising more than half of all new FDA approvals. Therapeutic antibodies must be chemically stable both in storage and in vivo, following administration to patients. Deamidation is a major degradation pathway for all natural and therapeutic proteins circulating in blood. Here, the linkage between deamidation(More)
This principle goal of this research was to examine the effects of various nanomaterials on the activity and behavior of the firefly enzyme luciferase. Nanomaterials have been found to stabilize, and in some instances, shown to increase the activity of enzymes. In this study gold, manganese oxide (MnO), and zinc oxide (ZnO) nanomaterials were utilized in(More)
Listening to preferred music (that which is chosen by the participant) has been shown to be effective in mitigating the effects of pain when compared to silence and a variety of distraction techniques. The wide range of genre, tempo, and structure in music chosen by participants in studies utilizing experimentally induced pain has led to the assertion that(More)
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