Laura A Burgess

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Leptin and insulin are long-term regulators of body weight. They act in hypothalamic centres to modulate the function of specific neuronal subtypes, by altering transcriptional control of releasable peptides and by modifying neuronal electrical activity. A key cellular signalling intermediate, implicated in control of food intake by these hormones, is the(More)
In obesity and diabetes, the ability of hypothalamic neurons to sense and transduce changes in leptin and insulin levels is compromised. The effects of both hormones require intracellular signalling via the PI3-kinase pathway, which is inhibited by the phosphatase PTEN. We show that leptin-stimulated F-actin depolymerization in mouse hypothalamic cells is(More)
A transportable Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer has been tested for analysis of methanol vapor in alveolar and ambient air. The instrument has been found to be accurate and precise for both uses. The regions used for methanol and CO2 quantification are in the vicinity of 950-1100 cm-1 and 2000-2100 cm-1, respectively. The results of a(More)
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