Laudino Lopez

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Subjects with hepatic cirrhosis develop alterations of several rhythmic behavioural and biochemical patterns. Since most cirrhotic patients combine portal hypertension and hepatic impairment, our work aims to assess the extent to which rhythmical changes can be due to hepatic insufficiency or portal hypertension. This was done using two experimental models(More)
This study assessed cognitive deficit in patients diagnosed with different stages of hepatic cirrhosis and in liver transplant recipients. A short protocol consisting of several psychometric tests was used. Cirrhotic patients showed a degree of mental impairment in all the functions studied. The severity of the deficit was related to the degree of hepatic(More)
Consolidation processes were studied in the rat by using functional inactivation techniques. Previous results showed that unilateral hippocampal inactivation alters consolidation. It is not clear if bilateral treatments increase the impairment. Wistar rats were trained in the Morris water maze during 4 consecutive days. Subjects received saline or(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS It is often necessary in daily experience to change one's point of view to adopt mentally the spatial perspective of other persons, learn the position of different objects in a new environment or even describe an environment to other persons. Hence, the ability to link spatial information from different perspectives seems to be necessary(More)
Brain tissue of patients diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy exhibits cellular morphological changes that could be associated with memory impairment. The mammillary nuclei, located in the posterior part of the hypothalamus, are important for spatial memory formation. This work aimed to assess spatial reference memory and cellular changes in the mammillary(More)
Diverse structures of the CNS show sexual differences in the anatomical and functional organization. In particular, many dimorphic nuclei have been found in the hypothalamus: the preoptic area, suprachiasmatic nucleus and ventromedial hypothalamus. Our investigation has shown a statistically significant difference in relation to volume of the medial(More)
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