Laudino López

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The chicken eggshell is a composite bioceramic containing organic and inorganic phases. The organic phase contains, among other constituents, type X collagen and proteoglycans (mammillan, a keratan sulfate proteoglycan, and ovoglycan, a dermatan sulfate proteoglycan), whose localization depends on a topographically defined and temporally regulated(More)
A behavioural evaluation was carried out on three chronic models of hepatic encephalopathy: two models of type B HE, portacaval shunt (PCS) and portal hypertension (PH) and one of type C HE with cirrhosis and portal hypertension from thioacetamide intoxication (TAA). The tasks selected cover a wide range of behaviours related to: locomotion(More)
This study assessed cognitive deficit in patients diagnosed with different stages of hepatic cirrhosis and in liver transplant recipients. A short protocol consisting of several psychometric tests was used. Cirrhotic patients showed a degree of mental impairment in all the functions studied. The severity of the deficit was related to the degree of hepatic(More)
AIM To determine whether chronic physical training increases atrial and ventricular refractoriness in isolated rabbit heart. METHODS Trained rabbits were submitted to a protocol of treadmill running. The electrophysiological parameters of refractoriness investigated in an isolated heart preparation were: (1) atrial effective refractory period (AERP) and(More)
Sex differences have been found in the spatial memory which involve several regions of the limbic system. The Morris water maze (MWM) is one of the most widely used tasks in behavioral neuroscience to explore spatial and episodic memory in rats. We evaluated the oxidative metabolic activity of the prefrontal cortex, dorsal hippocampus, anterior thalamic(More)
The sex differences in the functional contribution of brain substrates were explored following acquisition of a spatial working memory task using quantification of c-Fos protein. Rats of both sexes were trained during adolescence and adulthood in Morris water maze using a hidden escape platform with different daily location. Two control groups for each sex(More)
The overriding concern in living donor liver transplantation is donor safety. A totally laparoscopic right hepatectomy without middle hepatic vein for adult living donor liver transplantation is presented. The surgical procedure is described in detail, focusing on relevant technical aspects to enhance donor safety, specifically the hanging maneuver and(More)
Corticosterone, T3, T4, and prolactin serum concentrations at 24 hr (N = 10), 15 days (N = 10), and 45 days (N = 10) of postoperative (postop) evolution were assayed to study the neuroendocrine response to portal hypertension. A triple stenosing ligature of the portal vein was used as the surgical technique of portal hypertension. This technique does not(More)
People with hepatic insufficiency can develop hepatic encephalopathy (HE), a complex neuropsychological syndrome covering a wide range of neurological and cognitive and motor alterations. The cognitive deficits include disturbances in intellectual functions such as memory and learning. In spite of its high prevalence in western societies, the causes of HE(More)
We have studied the intrinsic modifications on myocardial automatism, conduction, and refractoriness produced by chronic exercise. Experiments were performed on isolated rabbit hearts. Trained animals were submitted to exercise on a treadmill. The parameters investigated were 1) R-R interval, noncorrected and corrected sinus node recovery time (SNRT) as(More)