Latrice Crystal Pichon

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The class I region of the human histocompatibility complex is characterized by a high density of genes and pseudogenes and a complex structural organization. To elucidate the complete structure of the HLA-A/HLA-F region with a view to defining its contents in genes and pseudogenes, we developed a strategy of systematic sequencing. This report describes the(More)
Positional cloning strategies for the hemochromatosis gene have previously concentrated on a target area restricted to a maximum genomic expanse of 400 kb around the HLA-A and HLA-F loci. Recently, the candidate region has been extended to 2-3 Mb on the distal side of the MHC. In this study, 10 coding sequences [hemochromatosis candidate genes (HCG) I to X](More)
OBJECTIVES We examined whether US Postal Service letter carriers who received a sun safety intervention would wear wide-brim hats and sunscreen significantly more often than those who did not receive the intervention. METHODS We used a 2-group randomized design with 2662 evaluation cohort participants from 70 US postal stations. Evaluations were conducted(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated psychosocial, built-environmental, and policy-related correlates of adolescents' indoor tanning use. METHODS We developed 5 discrete data sets in the 100 most populous US cities, based on interviews of 6125 adolescents (aged 14-17 years) and their parents, analysis of state indoor tanning laws, interviews with enforcement experts,(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the prevalence and correlates of dog walking among dog owners, and whether dog walking is associated with meeting the American College of Sports Medicine/American Heart Association physical activity guidelines. METHODS In March 2008, we mailed a survey to dog-owning clients from two San Diego County veterinary clinics. Useable data(More)
BACKGROUND Few sun-safety studies have included ethnoracially diverse groups. Comparison across such groups of sun-safety behaviors was the main objective of this analysis. METHODS Postal workers (n =2543) self-reported frequency of sunscreen, wide-brim hat, and sunglasses use during the last 5 workdays on 5-point Likert-type scales ranging from "never"(More)
Despite substantial federal, state, and local efforts to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS, African Americans experience higher rates of infection than any other ethnic or racial group in the United States. It is imperative to develop culturally and ecologically sensitive interventions to meet the sexual health needs of this population. Capitalizing on(More)
Searches for MHC-encoded disease susceptibility genes have led to considerable knowledge of the content of the class I region. In an effort to further understand the nature of the five 6.7 family members previously mapped to this region of the genome, we have further analyzed the cross-reactive members of the family and have observed additional genomic(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity rates are low for adult Latinas. In the United States, only 7.8% of adult Latinas met Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for weekly vigorous leisure-time physical activity. PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to test a theoretical model examining the direct and indirect influence of individual factors(More)
BACKGROUND The rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs; including HIV/AIDS) among African Americans in Flint, Michigan, are among the highest in the state. In Genesee County, where Flint is located, the incidence of HIV/AIDS cases increased at an average rate of 24% each year from 2003 to 2007 for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19. (More)