Latoya T. Paul

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Experiments were performed on eight anesthetized dogs to study the response of the characteristic impedance (Zc) of the main pulmonary artery to changes in circulating blood volume. Pressure and flow were measured in the proximal main pulmonary artery under control conditions, after hemorrhage (-15% of the estimated blood volume), again under control(More)
Experiments on 12 anesthetized dogs were performed to study the effects of changes in blood volume on the pulsatile hemodynamics of the arterial system as seen from its input. Pressure and flow were measured in the ascending aorta under control conditions, after volume expansion with dextran 70 (+30% of estimated blood volume), and after hemorrhage (-15% of(More)
Experiments were performed to study the aortic smooth muscle responses to acute volume loading with dextran 70. To analyze the aortic smooth muscle activity, diastolic aortic pressure was plotted vs. aortic internal diameter to obtain a pressure-diameter relationship (PDR) curve. Aortic pressure and diameter were measured by means of a catheter-tip(More)
The leaves of the Moringa oleifera (Moringa) tree contain a significant source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and are considered as an important dietary supplement in countries where chronic malnourishment is linked to poor fetal development. We evaluated the effectiveness of the Moringa leaf as a supplemental replacement for vitamins, minerals, and(More)
Nicotine exposure during embryonic stages of development can affect many neurodevelopmental processes. In the developing zebrafish, exposure to nicotine was reported to cause axonal pathfinding errors in the later born secondary motoneurons (SMNs). These alterations in SMN axon morphology coincided with muscle degeneration at high nicotine concentrations(More)
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