Latika Becker

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Real–time image processing for object detection at high frame rates requires a high–performance system. Its effectiveness in object recognition over a wide range of image characteristics is proportional to its provision for varying signal processing techniques. Thus, a system designed to exhibit high performance with respect to one particular type of image(More)
An innovative passive standoff system for the detection of chemical/biological agents is described. The spectral, temporal and spatial resolution of the data collected are all adjustable in real time, making it possible to keep the tradeoff between the sensor operating parameters at optimum at all times. The instrument contains no macro-scale moving parts(More)
Research conducted for the Army has recently developed an FPA (focal plane array) integrated test and evaluation system to provide a testbed for evaluating FPA characteristics and resulting object detection effectiveness. The system design offers various combinations of image processing algorithms with real–time display of raw and processed (i.e., resulting(More)
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