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Genomic imprinting of rye origin rDNA sequences in triticale is modulated by DNA methylation responsible for ontogenic expression patterns of those sequences. Considering the dynamic nature of these phenomena, we evaluated the influence of plant development on the inheritance of modified rye rDNA expression patterns. DNA hypomethylation was induced in(More)
T he excitement of scientifi c research and discovery cannot be fully conveyed by didactic lectures alone. Several recent initiatives and proposals, therefore, have supported a more participatory, discovery-based instruction for undergraduate science education [1,2]. In functional genomics, we have found an ideal platform to simultaneously benefi t students(More)
Using a large consortium of undergraduate students in an organized program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), we have undertaken a functional genomic screen in the Drosophila eye. In addition to the educational value of discovery-based learning, this article presents the first comprehensive genomewide analysis of essential genes involved(More)
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