Latiffany Gordon

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BACKGROUND Simple excision of earlobe keloids can result in recurrence rates approaching 80%. Many modalities have been suggested to reduce the risk of recurrence postoperatively, including intralesional steroids and radiotherapy. OBJECTIVE In order to determine the most reliable method to prevent keloid recurrence, we have conducted the first randomized,(More)
Nonoperative management for traumatic injuries has significantly influenced trauma care during the last decade. We undertook this study to assess the impact of nontherapeutic laparotomies for suspected abdominal injuries compared with delayed laparotomies for questionable abdominal injuries for patients with abdominal trauma. The records of patients(More)
e22024 Background: To investigate radiation risks to patients undergoing 18F-FDG studies that take into account patient age, sex, and weight. METHODS We obtained patient demographics and weights of 54 consecutive patients with lymphoma who each underwent a18F-FDG PET study. The administered activity was converted into an effective dose using the patient(More)
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