Latifa Fakri-Bouchet

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Mouse cardiac MR gating using ECG is affected by the hostile MR environment. It requires appropriate signal processing and correct QRS detection, but gating software methods are currently limited. In this study we sought to demonstrate the feasibility of digital real-time automatically updated gating methods, based on optimizing a signal-processing(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the relative gain in sensitivity of five histology coils designed in-house to accommodate tissue sections of various sizes and compare with commercial mouse head coils. METHODS The coil set was tailored to house tissue sections ranging from 5 to1000 µm encased in either glass slides or coverslips. RESULTS Our simulations and(More)
The sensitivity is a main problem for NMR experiments and it is laid down by the thermal noise of the receiver coil and its geometry. To improve the sensitivity of an NMR receiver coil, considering the postulate of Friis, the signal must be amplified as close as possible to the coil. Here we present a method to achieve optimum in situ low noise(More)
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