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Detection of Planetary Transits Across a Sun-like Star.
High-precision, high-cadence photometric measurements of the star HD 209458 are reported, which is known from radial velocity measurements to have a planetary-mass companion in a close orbit and the detailed shape of the transit curve due to both the limb darkening of thestar and the finite size of the planet is clearly evident. Expand
The Spectroscopic Orbit of the Planetary Companion Transiting HD 209458.
  • Mazeh, Naef, +17 authors Zucker
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Astrophysical journal
  • 16 January 2000
A spectroscopic orbit with period P=3.52433+/-0.00027 days for the planetary companion that transits the solar-type star HD 209458 is reported, based on a new analysis of the iron lines in the HIRES template spectrum and also on the absolute magnitude, effective temperature, and color of the star. Expand
Efficient operation of a high-power X-band gyroklystron.
Experimental studies of amplification in a two-cavity X-band gyroklystron are reported, in good agreement with simulated results from a partially self-consistent, nonlinear, steady-state code. Expand
High power operation of an X-band gyrotwistron.
The first experimental verification of a gyrotwistron amplifier using a single 9.858 GHz, TE011 cavity, a heavily attenuated drift tube, and a long tapered output waveguide section is reported. Expand
Use of Lie transforms to generalize Madey's theorem for computing the gain in microwave devices.
Theory of relativistic cyclotron masers.
An optimal cyclotron resonance mismatch was found that corresponds to the possibility of complete deceleration of relativistic electrons and the efficiency increase due to electron prebunching is demonstrated in a simple model. Expand
Harmonic operation of a free-electron laser.
Harmonic operation of a free-electron-laser amplifier is studied and it is found that the presence of the harmonic mode greatly reduces the growth rate of the fundamental. Expand
Numerical study of the impact of the changes in the tropospheric temperature profile on the microphysics, dynamics and precipitation of mid-latitude summer continental convective clouds
This paper investigates the effect of the expected changes of tropospheric temperature profile on the dynamical and microphysical characteristics of individual summertime convective storms and on theExpand