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Potential anticancer activity of biogenic silver nanoparticles using leaf extract of Rhynchosia suaveolens: an insight into the mechanism
The findings suggested that biogenic RS-AgNPs provide an alternative approach to overcome several limitations of chemotherapy.
Biogenic silver nanoparticles: efficient and effective antifungal agents
AbstractBiogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) by exploiting various plant materials is an emerging field and considered green nanotechnology as it involves simple, cost effective and
Biogenesis of silver nanoparticles using leaf extract of Indigofera hirsuta L. and their potential biomedical applications (3-in-1 system)
It is demonstrated that IH-AgNPs exhibits three different bioactivities (3-in-1 system) and they could be employed as future antimicrobial, antioxidant and anticancer agents/drug delivery vehicles in the field of biomedicine.
Physico-chemical characterization of biosurfactant from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PU1 and its application in microbial enhance oil recovery.
The purified biosurfactant PU1 was found to be effective in oil recovery and showed 68.53 ± 3.07% of oil recovery in the sand pack column under saline condition, which was higher than anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS).