Latarchal Walker

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The relationship between maternal glucose levels and the concentration of glucose and insulin levels in human milk from diabetic women has not been elucidated. In addition, the rate of appearance of intravenously injected insulin to the change in concentration of insulin in maternal milk has not been studied. To study this relationship of glucose levels in(More)
The total body mass of the human fetus increases about 100-fold from 10-20 weeks of gestation, and peak serum GH concentrations occur at 20 weeks. Since insulin has an essential growth-promoting influence in the fetus, these experiments were designed to determine whether GH can function as a growth factor with insulin-releasing activity by stimulating(More)
Human fetal pancreatic islet tissue has several advantages as a transplant source for the amelioration of insulin deficiency in patients with Type I diabetes mellitus. It is now possible to obtain viable tissue, store and ship the tissue without adverse effects on the insulin secretory capacity, and transplant either minced tissue or isolated islet-like(More)
Detachment of epithelial structures from underlying basement membrane (BM) represents an important component of a number of human disease processes e.g. airway and alveolar diseases, gastrointestinal ulceration, and retinal diseases. This study describes a method of evaluating human epithelial cell detachment from BM that is simple, rapid, inexpensive,(More)
Several autoimmune diseases have been linked to an aberrant expression of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) products Ethanol enhances Class I and Class II products on a variety of cell types, and there is evidence for an autoimmune etiology in numerous pathologies associated with alcoholism. We examined whether ethanol alters the expression of Class I(More)