Lata R. Ragha

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Data sharing between two organizations is common in many application areas like business planning or marketing. When data are to be shared between parties, there could be some sensitive data which should not be disclosed to the other parties. Also medical records are more sensitive so, privacy protection is taken more seriously. As per requirement by the(More)
Phishing is the combination of social engineering and technical exploits designed to convince a victim to provide personal information, usually for the monetary gain of the attacker. Phishing emails contains messages to lure victims into performing certain actions, such as clicking on a URL where a phishing website is hosted, or executing a malware code.(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of autonomous nodes that communicate with each other by forming a multi-hop radio network and maintaining connections in a decentralized manner. Security remains a major challenge for these networks due to their features of open medium, dynamically changing topologies, reliance on cooperative algorithms,(More)
The internet revolution has brought about a new way of expressing an individual's opinion. It has become a medium through which people openly express their views on various subjects. These opinions contain useful information which can be utilized in many sectors which require constant customer feedback. Analysis of the opinion and it's classification into(More)
In recent years, MANETs have been developing rapidly and are increasingly being used in many applications, ranging from military to civilian and commercial uses. The security has become one of the primary concerns as MANETS are being used widely. To achieve security goals like: authentication, integrity, non-repudiation, privacy, a secret key is necessary(More)
The distributed denial of service attack is a major threat to current internet security. One of the most threatening type is flooding based DDoS attack. In this paper we have proposed a defense mechanism for flooding based DDoS attack based on the concept of rate limiting the attack traffic The propose defense framework consist of three major components,(More)
In today's information age, information sharing and transfer has increased exponentially. The threat of an intruder accessing the secret information has been an ever existing concern for data communication experts. Cryptography and steganography are the most widely used techniques to overcome this threat. This paper is based on hybrid cryptographic(More)
Recommender systems are widely used for making personalized recommendations for products or services during a live interaction nowadays. Collaborative filtering is the most successful and commonly used personalized recommendation technology. The open nature of collaborative recommender systems provides an opportunity for malicious users to access the(More)
The widespread popularity of Optimization Algorithm in many fields such as Optimization, Pattern Recognition, Feature Extraction, Feature Selection etc. is mainly due to their ability to solve optimization problems in path planning. Out of many kinds of optimization algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm is one of the most popular optimization(More)