Lata M Mullur

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Subjunior athletes experience mental stress due to pressure from the coach, teachers and parents for better performance. Stress, if remains for longer period and not managed appropriately can leads to negative physical, mental and cognitive impact on children. The present study was aimed to evaluate the effect of integrated yoga module on heart rate(More)
Background: Physical fitness is the prime criterion for survival, to achieve any goal and to lead a healthy life. Effect of exercise to have a good physical fitness is well known since ancient Vedas. Physical fitness can be recorded by cardiopulmonary efficiency test like Physical Fitness Index (PFI %) which is a powerful indicator of cardiopulmonary(More)
Anxiety leads to derangement in physical and mental health. Anxiety levels are more in full time housewives than working women. There is a need for simple, easy treatment for anxiety to alleviate the burden on health caused by anxiety. Yoga is among the top ten complementary and alternative medicine therapies. Our study aimed to determine the anxiety levels(More)
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