Laszlo Bardos

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Tool use often challenges the human motor system, especially when these tools require sensorimotor transformations. We report an experiment using a digitizer tablet, in which different gains are introduced between the hand movement (proximal effect) and the intended action effect presented on a display (distal effect). The question is how one's own(More)
The impact of sensorimotor transformations with graphical input devices is surveyed with regard to action control. Recent evidence lets us assume that the distal action effect (the moving cursor) rather than the proximal action effect (the moving hand) determines the efficiency of tool use. In Experiment 1 different gains were explored with a touchpad and a(More)
In this work-in-progress paper, we present REXplorer, a mobile, location and gesture recognition based spell-casting multiplayer game for tourists. Launching in late summer 2006, this serious game will be installed as a permanent pervasive entertainment service on site the medieval city core of Ger-many's best preserved historic city, Regensburg. In(More)
Bangarama is a music controller using headbanging as the primary interaction metaphor. It consists of a head-mounted tilt sensor and a guitar-shaped controller that does not require complex finger positions. We discuss the specific challenges of designing and building this controller to create a simple, yet responsive and playable instrument , and show how(More)
Hydrogen-rich synthesis gas was produced by pulsed dc plasma submerged into ethanol–water mixtures using an original system with a coaxial geometry. The ignition of the discharge is immediately followed by production of hydrogen and after a short time necessary for filling the outlet tubing a flame can be ignited. No auxiliary gas was used for the reforming(More)
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