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We have studied the (110) GaAs surface of a structure containing ortho twins by cross-sectional scanning tunnelling microscopy and we have compared the experimental results with ab initio density functional theory calculations and STM simulations. Both experimentally and theoretically we find that the surface of different twin crystallites are significantly(More)
Rough and compact platinum electrode was prepared thermally at 400°C on a titanium substrate. The analysis of its surface has revealed that platinum existed at various oxidizing state. In chlorides containing perchloric acid electrolyte, a quasi-reversible peak related to the chlorine/chloride redox process appeared on the voltammogram. The adsorption of(More)
Thirty Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains (8: INH(R)/INH(R), 12: INH(R)/RIF(S), 10: INH(S)/RIF(S)) were examined against MICs of epiroprim (EPM) and isoniazid (INH) separately or in association. EPM alone proved to be insufficiently active against the various mycobacterial isolates (MIC > or =256 microg/ml). The observed average sensitivity to the(More)
INTRODUCTION Tuberculosis (TB) remains a real problem of public health in Côte d'Ivoire. The aim of our study is to describe the dynamic of anti-TB fight indicators in anti-TB center (CAT) of Adjamé. METHODOLOGY We realized a retrospective study, comparing the anti-TB activities of two periods (1999-2001 versus 2010-2012) at the CAT of Adjamé. Over two(More)
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