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The PESCaDO project (http://www.pescado-project.eu/) aims at providing tailored environmental information to EU citizens. For this purpose, PESCaDO delivers personalized environmental information, based on coordinating the data flow from multiple sources. After the necessary discovery, indexing and parsing of those sources, the harmonization and retrieval(More)
Environmental and meteorological conditions are of utmost importance for the population, as they are strongly related to the quality of life. Citizens are increasingly aware of this importance. This awareness results in an increasing demand for environmental information tailored to their specific needs and background. We present an environmental information(More)
Citizens are increasingly aware of the influence of environmental and meteorological conditions on the quality of their life. Thus, there has been a growing demand for personalized information about air quality and weather, i.e., information that is tailored to citizens' specific context and background. A recent poll showed that in almost all EU member(More)
et al.. Air quality and radiative impacts of Arctic shipping emissions in the summertime in northern Norway: from the local to the regional scale. HAL is a multidisciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions(More)
A novel FMI-ENFUSER model is presented, an application which utilizes both Land Use Regression and dispersion modelling. We will show that with this combination of techniques the hourly concentration of particle matter (PM<sub>2.5</sub> and PM<sub>10</sub>) and NO<sub>2</sub> can be accurately predicted in the selected urban test site, when wind vector data(More)
This study addresses the exhaust emissions of CO₂, NO(x), SO(x), CO, and PM(2.5) originated from Baltic Sea shipping in 2006-2009. Numerical results have been computed using the Ship Traffic Emissions Assessment Model. This model is based on the messages of the automatic identification system (AIS), which enable the positioning of ships with a high spatial(More)
The PESCaDO system (Personal Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration) aims at providing accurate and timely information about local air quality and weather conditions in Europe. The system receives environment related queries from end users, discovers reliable environmental multimedia data in the web from different providers and(More)