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Current DJ interfaces lack direct support for typical digital communication common in social media. We present a novel DJ interface for live internet broadcast performances with remote audience feedback integration. Our multi-touch interface is designed for a table top display, featuring a time-line based visualization. Two studies are presented involving(More)
Medium-sized touch displays, sized 30 to 50 inches, are becoming more affordable and more widely available. Prolonged use of such displays can result in arm fatigue or skin irritation, especially when multiple long distance drags are involved. To address this issue, we present TapDrag, an alternative dragging technique that complements traditional dragging(More)
Motivation: A common problem for medical volume data is poor slice resolution, compared to in-plane (within slice) resolution. This creates a so-called staircase effect when visualizing the data using trilinear interpolation. Recently, we have created a method which utilizes point-correspondences between adjacent slices to improve the interpolation and(More)
Participated an internship program, and conducted a research project about computational design of 3D-printable objects. Funded for half a year as a project leader of an exploratory software project, IPA MITOH Program, and developed a physics engine for real-time computer animations. Developed some AR Apps for iOS and Android OS.
Rendering tomographic data sets is a computationally expensive task, and often accomplished using hardware acceleration. The data sets are usually anisotropic as a result of the process used to acquire them. A vital part of rendering them is the conversion of the discrete signal back into a continuous one, via interpolation. On graphics hardware, this is(More)
Texture synthesis algorithms have been researched extensively in the past decade. However, most synthesis algorithms are governed by a set of parameters and produce different results depending on which parameter settings are chosen in conjunction with an exem-plar used as a basis for synthesis. So far, automatically selecting parameters suitable for(More)
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