Lassaad Cheikhrouhou

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Proof planning is a novel knowledge-based approach for proof construction, which supports the incorporation of mathematical knowledge and the common mathematical proof techniques of a particular mathematical eld. The diagonalization proof technique is a well-known method in theoretical computer science and in mathematics that originated with Can-tor, who(More)
The reasoning power of human-oriented plan-based reasoning systems is primarily derived from their domain-speciic problem solving knowledge. Such knowledge is, however, intrinsically incomplete. In order to model the human ability of adapting existing methods to new situations we present in this work a declarative approach for representing methods, which(More)
In this paper we report on recent results about the merge of the cryptographic security proof for the Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE), used within the German identity cards, with the algebraic-logic symbolic proof for the same protocol. Both proofs have initially been carried out individually, but have now been combined to get " the(More)
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