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A sequence that is represented frequently in functionally important sites involving protein-DNA interactions is GTG/CAC, suggesting that the trimer may play a role in regulatory processes. The 2.5 A resolution structure of d(CGGTGG)/d(CCACCG), a part of the interior operator (OI, nucleotides +44 to +49) of the gal operon, co-crystallized with spermine, is(More)
INTRODUCTION Authors present history data on development of the medical profession in Prussia, Germany, Austria and Hungary, that is countries from which surgeons, midwives and physicians most often came to work in Senta. It has been established that mostly junior physicians and "surgeons" came to our country, and from the forties till nineties of the 19th(More)
The objective of this paper was to report data on vaccination against smallpox in the first decades of the 19th century in the documentation of the historical archives of Senta. The most important documents regulating smallpox vaccination, its control and way of conducting it are presented in complete. One of the most important documents is a poster(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper reviews historical data on the beginnings of pharmacy and first pharmacies in the world, with special emphasis on pharmacies at the territory of Vojvodina, as well as laws regulating education of pharmacists in the 19th century and work of pharmacies of that time. OUR INVESTIGATIONS The first data on pharmacies of Senta date back(More)
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