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Fetal renal size late in the first trimester of pregnancy was evaluated by transvaginal ultrasonography in 50 patients not at risk for congenital kidney disease and whose pregnancies resulted in a normal outcome. Both kidneys were reliably identified in all patients scanned at 12 weeks, 13 weeks, and 14 weeks, menstrual age. Kidney diameter measurements(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the comparative contribution of endometrial and oocytic aging to the decline in fertility with age. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of conception and abortion rates in an egg donation program, with respect to donor and recipient ages. PATIENTS All oocyte recipients had ovarian failure. Donors were women undergoing in vitro(More)
The first step in fertilization is the interaction of the capacitated sperm with the zona pellucida. It has been proposed that the initial interaction, as in other types of cell adherence, is due to complementary interacting sites on the opposing surfaces of the gametes. This work intended to investigate the role of carbohydrates in sperm-egg binding in(More)
Pregnant ICR mice were injected daily with 30 mg cyclosporin (CS)/kg body weight on days 6-8 or 10-12 of gestation. In parallel, control mice were administered saline injections on the same gestational days. The mice were sacrificed on days 12, 15, 17 or 19 of gestation. The number of resorption sites counted, the embryos and placentae were carefully(More)
Catecholamines were injected intra-arterially in guinea pigs using a rheological model described elsewhere. With this method, apart from the ear, only a relatively restricted area was perfused with catecholamines, and the amount eventually entering the general circulation was insufficient to change the normal BP. The induced vasoconstriction of the(More)
In an in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer program composed mainly of patients with tubal infertility, the incidence of fertilized oocytes with multiple pronuclei was 4.3%. An attempt was made to fix such oocytes with supernumerary pronuclei in order to assess the chromosome constitution of the gametes. Nine multipronuclear oocytes containing a total(More)
Daily plasma beta-HCG levels from days 11 to 18 after ovum retrieval (OR) were evaluated in a group of 73 women who became pregnant following in-vitro fertilization and embryo replacement (IVF-ER). The 47 patients who had a normal ongoing pregnancy could be distinguished from the 26 patients with a pathological pregnancy (pre-clinical abortion, clinical(More)
Habitual abortion is a difficult clinical problem, as no cause can be found for abortion in over 50% of patients. At the habitual abortion clinic of the Sheba Medical Center, immunological activity is tested and patients who are considered suitable are offered immunopotentiation with paternal leukocytes. Patients are only treated if they have no other cause(More)
Mouse blastocyst cultures were analysed for Concanavalin A (Con A) agglutinability by microhaemadsorption methods and for Con A binding capacity with Rhodamine-Con A stain. The inner cell mass, which was not agglutinable in the early culture stages, became agglutinable when it started to develop. The trophoblast, which was initially agglutinable, lost this(More)