Lasith Yasakethu

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In this paper, we propose a rate control technique for H.264/AVC using subjective quality of video for off line video coding. We propose to use Video Quality Metric (VQM) with an evolution strategy algorithm, which is capable of identifying the best possible quantization parameters for each frame to encode the video sequence such that it would maximize the(More)
Funded by European Framework-7 (FP7), the CockpicCI project aims at developing intelligent risk detection, analysis and protection techniques for Critical Infrastructures (CI). In this paper, we describes our recent research on automated anomaly detection from central Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and their related(More)
This letter presents an improved decoding algorithm for distributed video coding (DVC) for enhanced performance over error prone wireless channels with multipath fading. The effects of the channel errors on both Wyner–Ziv and key frame bit streams are considered and novel noise models are proposed together with the associated modifications to the decoding(More)
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