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For the determination of aerosol optical thickness (AOT) Bremen AErosol Retrieval (BAER) has been developed. Method and main features on the aerosol retrieval are described together with validation and results. The retrieval separates the spectral aerosol reflectance from surface and Rayleigh path reflectance for the shortwave range of the measured spectrum(More)
The ongoing decline of sea ice threatens many Arctic taxa, including the ivory gull. Understanding how ice-edges and ice concentrations influence the distribution of the endangered ivory gulls is a prerequisite to the implementation of adequate conservation strategies. From 2007 to 2013, we used satellite transmitters to monitor the movements of 104 ivory(More)
Dual-view observations provide the possibility to retrieve aerosol optical thickness (AOT) with only minor assumptions about the surface albedo. The algorithm of such retrieval over very bright surfaces – snow and ice-was established and tested. The sensitivity study was carried out using the simulated data set calculated with radiative transfer code(More)
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