Lars Wilhelmsson

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Spiral grain was measured for all annual rings on wood discs taken at a single sampling height from two 19-year-old (field age) Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) clonal trials. In both trials, the mean grain angle reached a maximum inclination to the left at ring number 4, followed by a monotonic decrease towards a right-handed inclination. Clonal(More)
This paper presents a hardware mapping of an auto-correlator for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing stage for three radio standards: LTE, DVB-H, and IEEE 802.11n. Hardware cost is minimized by using only the sign bit in the autocorrelation function. The frequency offset estimation procedure is dramatically simplified by reducing the phase of the(More)
Information on the potential wood supply is important for the wood industry. In this study, the future development of growing stock, cutting potential and wood properties corresponding to the regional scenario of North Karelian Forest Programme 2006 –2010 was analysed. The simulations were performed by employing the Finnish MELA system together with the(More)
Small strips from the circular and longitudinal muscle layers of the ampullary-isthmic portion of the human oviduct were mounted in organ chambers for recording of their spontaneous contractility. Concentrations in the order of 1-300 ng/ml of PGI2 were tested and compared with similar concentrations of PGE2 and PGF2 alpha. It was found that PGI2 contracted(More)
The contractile properties of myometrial "mini-strips" from the upper and lower uterine segments were studied by a superfusion technique. These samples of myometrium were taken from women delivered by elective cesarean section in the 39th week of pregnancy. The frequency of spontaneous contractions was significantly higher in isthmic myometrial specimens(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the long-term effects of oral estriol tablets on the endometrium of postmenopausal women by TVS and histology. METHOD This was a cross sectional, parallel-group, multicenter trial of 241 postmenopausal women, out of whom 125 were treated with oral estriol and 116 were untreated controls. Endometrial histology using Pipelle biopsies(More)
Improved and cost-efficient predictions of detailed product recovery from logging operations may increase efficiency and improve value chains based on modern cut-to-length harvesting (CTL). The objective of this study was to investigate and evaluate the use of individual tree data estimates from two inventory techniques: (a) established airborne laser(More)
The effects of supplemental mass pollination (SMP) were studied in two Pinus sylvestris seed orchards differing in pollen production. Pollen was dusted over the whole tree during the period of peak female receptivity using a pressurized backpack sprayer. The success of SMP was assessed by means of allozyme markers. In the orchard with high pollen(More)
Cervical connective tissue was obtained from non pregnant fertile women undergoing hysterectomy. Tissue specimens were mechanically chopped into 1 mm thick slices which were preincubated in Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer containing PGE2 or PGF2 alpha (300 ng/ml). After 60 min the slices were transferred into fresh buffer with the corresponding(More)