Lars Westerdahl

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The successful progress of the Web services concept demands flexible ways for Web services to cooperate and to jointly fulfill a task that is requested by a client. In some applications, the execution of the task is not completely specified beforehand, but could rather be referred to as "best effort". One example is information searches. A flexible(More)
While information assurance recognizes confidentiality, integrity and availability as properties of information that need to be protected, the use of security metadata has historically been well understood only for protecting confidentiality. In the case of integrity and availability, while the need for their protection is recognized, little attention has(More)
In a time where more business is conducted over the Internet, the security of such systems, for instance electronic money transfer, becomes critical. A firewall serves as a frontline of the security measures that can be taken by an organisation in order to secure the integrity of a private network. This report describes methods of evaluating the security of(More)
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