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I Have Dreamed a Dream... : An Analysis of H.G. Wells' Short Stories "Mr Skelmersdale in Fairyland", "The Door in the Wall" and "A Dream of Armageddon"
"I Have Dreamed a Dream..." is an analysis of the three short stories "Mr Skelmersdale in Fairyland", "The Door in the Wall" and "A Dream of Armageddon" by H.G. Wells. The essay makes a comparison ...
Framing Education : Doing Comics Literacy in the Classroom
Interest in comics as Swedish school material has risen in the last few years and the publication of comics for children and adolescents has also increased. Meanwhile, although research around new ...
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Kid friendly? Constructions of comics literacy in the classroom
This article explores how teachers and pupils construct and negotiate discourses around comic books as part of interaction in the classroom from a New Literacy Studies perspective. The combination ofExpand
"What Are We Going to Do?" : Teachers' voices concerning Steering Documents, Pupils and Colleagues when it comes to planning Religious Education
The essay treats religion teachers’ planning and how this is affected, from the perspective of three different aspects: steering documents, pupils and colleagues. Through interviews with a number oExpand
The Visual made Audible : Co-constructing Sound Effects as Devices of Comic Book Literacy in Primary School
espanolEste articulo discute y analiza las situaciones de alfabetizacion en las que dos ninos de tercer grado y sus profesores trabajan mediante comics, centrandose especificamente en lasExpand
The Forgotten Gothic of Christina Rossetti
In this essay, the author analyzes the Gothic of Christina Rossetti in such poems as A Coast Nightmare, Shut Out, but also the well-known Goblin Market and the Prince's Progress. Interested in whatExpand
How do preschoolers spontaneously form categories ?
Kallery (2014) investigated Greek early-years-teachers’ views of factors that may influence the quality of their teaching performance in science. The study revealed factors that were classified inExpand
”Hårt arbete har gjort mig till den jag är” – pengar och moraliskt värde som pedagogiska aspekter i två Kalle Anka-album
Kalle Anka & Co har hyllats for sitt berattande och sina karaktarer, samtidigt som serien kritiserats for att vara formedlare av kulturimperialism. Denna artikel diskuterar tva seriealbum skapade forExpand
Speak of the bubble – constructing comic book bubbles as literary devices in a primary school classroom
This article investigates teachers’ and pupils’ use of speech and thought bubbles in a classroom literacy project involving comics. Through studying video data on naturally occurring classroomExpand
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