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In this article, we present a new method for the generation of surface meshes of biological soft tissue. The method is based on the deformable surface model technique and is extended to histological data sets. It relies on an iterative adjustment towards polygonal segments describing the histological structures of the soft tissue. The generated surface(More)
The occlusional performance of sole endoluminal stenting of intracranial aneurysms is controversially discussed in the literature. Simulation of blood flow has been studied to shed light on possible causal attributions. The outcome, however, largely depends on the numerical method and various free parameters. The present study is therefore conducted to find(More)
OBJECTIVE As an initial step to a complex reconstruction model for virtual surgery, the present study was carried out to provide data on the prenatal cleft lip and palate uvular muscle in eight specimens. METHOD Serial sections of viscerocrania of 18 aborted embryos and fetuses were studied microscopically and segmented manually. Registration,(More)
Occlusional performance of sole endoluminal stenting of intracranial aneu-rysms is controversially discussed in literature. Simulation of blood flow has been studied to shed light on possible causal attributions. The outcome however largely depends on various free parameters which all have considerable impact on simulation results. The current study is(More)
In this paper an approach for developing a temporal domain ontology for biomedical simulations is introduced. The ideas are presented in the context of simulations of blood flow in aneurysms using the Lattice Boltzmann Method. The advantages in using ontologies are manyfold: On the one hand, ontologies having been proven to be able to provide medical(More)
PURPOSE The impact and the development of aneurysms depend to a significant degree on the exchange of liquid between the regular vessel and the pathological extension. A better understanding of this process will lead to improved prediction capabilities. The aim of the current study was to investigate fluid-exchange in aneurysm models of different(More)
Alterations of the blood flow are associated with various cardiovascular diseases. Precise knowledge of the velocity distribution is therefore important for understanding these diseases and predicting the effect of different medical intervention schemes. The goal of this work is to estimate the precision with which the velocity field can be measured and(More)