Lars Viklund

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We present the design and implementation of ObjectMath, a language and environment for high-level equation-based modeling and analysis in scientific computing. The ObjectMath language integrates object-oriented modeling with mathematical language features that make it possible to express mathematics in a natural and consistent way. The implemented(More)
In this paper we present the ObjectMath language, a hybrid language integrating object-oriented constructs with features for symbolic and numeric computation. Complex mathematical models may be implemented in a natural way using ObjectMath. Objects are used to structure models that might consist of a large number of equations while inheritance facilitates(More)
ObjectMath is a high-level programming environment and modeling language for scientific computing which supports variants and graphical browsing in the environment and integrates object-oriented constructs such as classes and single and multiple inheritance within a computer algebra language. In addition, composition of objects using the part-of relation(More)
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