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4-Aminoethylamino-emodin – a novel potent inhibitor of GSK-3β– acts as an insulin-sensitizer avoiding downstream effects of activated β-catenin
Glycogen synthase kinase‐3β (GSK‐3β) is a key target and effector of downstream insulin signalling. Using comparative protein kinase assays and molecular docking studies we characterize theExpand
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of new derivatives of emodin.
Drugs containing an anthraquinone moiety such as daunorubicin (Daunoblastin) and mitoxantrone (Onkotrone) constitute some of the most powerful cytostatics. They suppress tumor growth mainly byExpand
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Synthesis of 3‐Aryloxy‐2‐iodoemodines by Oxidation of Emodin with (Diacetoxyiodo)arenes
Hypervalent iodine oxidation of emodin (1) with various (diacetoxyiodo)arenes 2a−f in potassium hydroxide/methanol leading to 3-aryloxy-1,8-dihydroxy-2-iodo-anthraquinones 4a−f is reported.Expand
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