Lars Stenseng

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[1] Geodetic observations show several large, sudden increases in flow speed at Helheim Glacier, one of Greenland’s largest outlet glaciers, during summer, 2007. These step-like accelerations, detected along the length of the glacier, coincide with teleseismically detected glacial earthquakes and major iceberg calving events. No coseismic offset in the(More)
[1] Large calving events at Greenland’s largest outlet glaciers are associated with glacial earthquakes and near‐ instantaneous increases in glacier flow speed. At some glaciers and ice streams, flow is also modulated in a regular way by ocean tidal forcing at the terminus. At Helheim Glacier, analysis of geodetic data shows decimeter‐level periodic(More)
Results from two years of the CryoSat Validation Experiment (CryoVEx) over sea ice in the western Arctic Ocean are presented. The estimation of freeboard, the height of sea ice floating above the water level, is one the main goals of the CryoSat-2 mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) in order to investigate sea ice volume changes on an Arctic wide(More)
[1] Understanding the behavior of large outlet glaciers draining the Greenland Ice Sheet is critical for assessing the impact of climate change on sea level rise. The flow of marine‐terminating outlet glaciers is partly governed by calving‐related processes taking place at the terminus but is also influenced by the drainage of surface runoff to the bed(More)
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