Lars Roemheld

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This paper studies the mechanisms, implications, and potential applications of the recently discovered class of Zero Determinant (ZD) strategies in iterated 2x2 games. These strategies were reported to successfully extort pure economic maximizers, and to mischievously determine the set of feasible long-term payoffs in iterated Prisoners’ Dilemma by(More)
We investigate shared language between U.S. Supreme Court majority opinions and interest groups’ corresponding amicus briefs. Specifically, we evaluate whether language that originated in an amicus brief acquired legal precedent status by being cited in the Court’s opinion. Using plagiarism detection software, automated querying of a large legal database,(More)
We train a reinforcement learner to play a simplified version of the game Angry Birds. The learner is provided with a game state in a manner similar to the output that could be produced by computer vision algorithms. We improve on the efficiency of regular ε-greedy Q-Learning with linear function approximation through more systematic exploration in(More)
We perform sentiment analysis on messages exchanged between Wikipedia editors in the so-called “user talk pages,” to predict future user editing behavior. We found a reasonably well-performing model to predict the number of edits next week on a per-user level by applying the GBM algorithm, and we discuss the relatively limited impact our sentiment scores(More)
1. Nach Halsschüssen und nach Kopfschüssen, besonders nach Tangentialschüssen, kann “Pupillendifferenz”, “Pupillenträgheit” und “Pupillenstarre” auftreten, und zwar sowohl durch direkte Einwirkung auf den Sympathicus oder auf den Bulbus, als auch zentral bedingt, vor allem dann, wenn die Verletzung sich in der Nähe des Auges befand. Diese traumatischen(More)
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