Lars Petter Jensen

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BACKGROUND Mortality among patients admitted to hospital after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is high. Based on recent scientific evidence with a main goal of improving survival, we introduced and implemented a standardised post resuscitation protocol focusing on vital organ function including therapeutic hypothermia, percutaneous coronary(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated a reduction in the incidence of endomyometritis by using irrigation with 1000 ml of saline as a diluent at cesarean section. In this study 2 gm of cefoxitin sodium in 20 ml of saline solution was used for local application to the uterus and abdominal wound in 100 patients undergoing emergency cesarean section; results were(More)
Experience with Lactomer absorbable surgical staples (Auto Suture Poly CS 57 disposable surgical stapler) in 62 cesarean sections was compared with an equal number of operations performed with standard techniques. The technique of application of the stapler evolved with experience. Countertraction to staplers with Allis' clamps prevented uterine V(More)
A group of 579 asymptomatic women from Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida, and 207 from Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, admitted in labor at 37 to 40 weeks of gestation had vaginal cultures for herpes simplex virus (HSV). No cultures were positive and no neonates developed HSV infection. Seven patients gave a history of previous HSV(More)
A case of hypercalcaemia in a pregnant patient on substitution therapy for hypoparathyroidism is reported. The clinical picture included transient cerebral disturbances, acute pancreatitis and persistent partial blindness. Calcium metabolism in pregnancy is discussed, and a possible mechanism for the sequence of events is postulated. The relevant literature(More)
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