Lars Peter Madsen

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A questionnaire survey undertaken among 169 Danish primary school teachers revealed a comparatively good general understanding of epilepsy. Sixty-five percent had taught pupils with epilepsy and 78% had witnessed a child having a fit. Only 18% had attended courses on epilepsy, despite 63% stating a desire for training. Only 5% of the teachers judged their(More)
Mechanical properties of twenty human os calcanei were determined by uniaxial compression testing of bone specimens from facies articularis talaris posterior, facies articularis cuboidea, and tuber calcanei. Specimens were taken oriented perpendicular to the planes of the facies articularis, and in tuber along the presumed loading axis throughout the gait(More)
We present an anonymous questionnaire inquiry involving 334 primary schoolteachers in the Randers area with the purpose of elucidating teachers' knowledge about asthma. To a series of statements about asthma, the teachers answered yes, no or don't know. A limited knowledge of different aspects of asthma in children was found, although 57% had asthma(More)
The purpose of this review is to describe the diagnosis, emergency treatment and further observation and complications. Alcohol poisoning and complications are underdiagnosed problems. Intoxication in young children is accidental and due to lack of experience in older children. Strong spirits are usually involved. The speed of elimination is greater than in(More)
In a prospective investigation, 99 very preterm infants (gestational age (GA) 24 32 weeks, birthweight 560-2,255 g) were studied during the first 4 weeks of life. The infants were divided into two groups: infants born extremely early (GA <28 weeks, n = 20) and infants of GA 28 - 32 weeks; the groups were then subdivided into critically ill or not.(More)
More than 1% of infants are born premature. Many of these children require special treatment because of immature organs and body functions. CO2 is an important parameter to monitor in order to avoid serious brain damage. Blood sampling of CO2 has several shortcomings and non-invasive transcutaneous CO2 is being investigated in order to assess its potential(More)
The records of 22 children (sex rate boy/girl 1.75, mean age 2 7/12 year) treated for intussusception in Randers Central Hospital during the period 1975-1989 were reviewed. In 27% of the cases this diagnosis was made before admission, gastroenteritis being the most frequent differential diagnosis (18%). The mean duration of symptoms before admission was 24(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess agreement between Cochrane Neonatal Group reviews and clinical practice guidelines in Denmark. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of clinical guidelines for newborn infants. MATERIALS All Cochrane neonatal reviews and Danish clinical guidelines for newborn infants. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES The recommendations from the Cochrane reviews and(More)
A case of near-drowning in an 11 year old child with severe epilepsy (myoclone-astatic) is described. The child was left alone in a indoor swimming-pool and was found lifeless on the bottom 1-2 minutes later presumably after an epileptic seizure. Resuscitation was instituted immediately and the child survived without sequelae. Leaving children with seizure(More)
In Denmark 11-30 children and infants are killed every year in car accidents. In this country, there is no legislation concerning children under 3 years as car passengers, in spite of the fact that child restraints have proved effective in reducing the morbidity and mortality. Legislation concerning seat belts and chairs may reduce the frequency of injury(More)