Lars Pejryd

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This article presents a brief state of the art in the Swedish metal working industry regarding the production preparation process for the machine centre. The article is based on a relationship model from which a questionnaire was developed. The model incorporates the perceived preparation process efficiency, the amount of systematic preparation work, in(More)
The paper presents an investigation regarding the potential and the readiness for implementing performance indicators and performance measurement systems of the process planning work for metal working companies. The paper is based on a questionnaire survey distributed to process planners in the Swedish metal working industry. The main outcome of the(More)
Joining of dissimilar materials is a topic of high interest for the industry. The ability to seamlessly join materials with significant differences in properties would advance the development of efficient designs and concepts within many fields. In this work, bonds between aluminium and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic have been studied. The aluminium side(More)
Process planning is the link between design and manufacturing and consequently an important function, since it influences many of the company objectives. However, many companies have little knowledge about their process planning function and the efficiency is thus not optimal. The paper focuses on the automation level of process planning as a mean to(More)
Selective laser melting (SLM) is frequently used additive manufacturing technique capable of producing various complex parts including thin-wall sections. However the surface roughness is a limiting factor in thin sections produced by SLM process when strength is the main criterion. In this study, the influence of build orientation, thickness and roughness(More)
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