Lars Owe Dahlgren

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AIMS This paper examines phenomenography, a research approach designed to answer certain questions about how people make sense of their experience. The research approach, developed within educational research, is a content-related approach investigating the different qualitative ways in which people make sense of the world around them. The outcomes of(More)
This paper explores interprofessional learning (IPL) and whether it would profit from a more systematic merger with problem-based learning (PBL). IPL is based on the idea of bringing together knowledge from the different health professions as they interact with each other for better health care. PBL springs from the idea of bringing learning closer to the(More)
Computerised virtual patients (VPs) are increasingly being used in medical education. With more use of this technology, there is a need to increase the knowledge of students' experiences with VPs. The aim of the study was to elicit the nature of virtual patients in a clinical setting, taking the students' experience as a point of departure. Thirty-one(More)
Pain assessment and management are major clinical problems that many categories of healthcare professionals have to deal with. Although there are many potentially successful approaches available for pain management, there is still a shortage of knowledge about the strategies used by staff members for the actual assessment of pain and how reliable these(More)
The research reported is an experimental study on the effects of intensified education of parents of children with amblyopia on their understanding of the nature of the defect, its origins and treatment. Parents in the control group were exposed to the ordinary information provided at two departments of paediatric ophthalmology, whereas parents in the(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to search for a deeper understanding of the ways patients with asthma/allergy experience their illness situation. METHOD Thirty patients with a history of airway symptoms on allergen exposure and a positive skin prick test were included in the study. They took part in open-ended interviews in their homes twice at an(More)
BACKGROUND Mentor programmes are becoming increasingly common in undergraduate education. However, the meaning attached to being a mentor varies significantly. AIM The aim of this study is to explore how teachers in medical and dental education understand their role as mentors. METHOD Twenty mentors in two different mentor programmes for undergraduate(More)
Twenty primary care physicians at 12 health centres in Sweden were interviewed in a semi-structured way. Analysis was conducted using a phenomenographic method. Concerning the general attitude towards cardiovascular disease (CVD), there were two categories of answers; (A) CVD is a big threat to public health, and the health care system should play an active(More)
BACKGROUND Continuing medical education (CME) is compulsory in Iran, and traditionally it is lecture-based, which is mostly not successful. Outcome-based education has been proposed for CME programs. AIM To evaluate the effectiveness of an outcome-based educational intervention with a new approach based on outcomes and aligned teaching methods, on(More)
This article reports on an empirical study of industry PhD students in the Swedish Graduate School for Applied IT and Software Engineering. The students were questioned in semi-structured interviews about their experiences of sharing their postgraduate studies between industrial and academic environments. The results from the first analysis indicate that(More)