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The increasing size of protein data available in Internet databases demands new fast methods of visualization. This paper introduces a novel visualization technique for molecular ribbon structures. The method is based on Combined BReps - a mesh structure defining a combination of polygonal faces and Catmull/Clark surfaces. Our technique provides high frame(More)
Addressing the typically time consuming adjustment of projector equipment in VR installations we propose an easy to implement projector calibration method that effectively corrects images projected onto planar surfaces and which does not require any additional hardware. For hardware accelerated 3D applications only the projection matrix has to be modified(More)
This paper presents a protein visualization system called BioBrowser, which provides high quality images at interactive frame rates for molecules of extreme size and complexity. This is achieved by a shift in the tessellation approach: triangle meshes are not produced a priori on a ’just-in-case’ basis. Instead, tessellation happens ’justin-time’ given a(More)
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