Lars Mehrmann

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Applications for mobile devices, especially mobile phones, are rarely used today - apart from games. They neither take the special features of each device into account nor the individuality of the user who usually has a much closer emotional relationship to her mobile phone than to many other technical devices. Useful and successful mobile applications can(More)
The new developments in mobile technology offer the prospect of new services and applications, including the introduction of location-based and context-aware applications. However, these developments must be accompanied by a greater degree of personalisation to improve their effectiveness and provide for the user's needs. This paper describes the approach(More)
The software architecture of distributed systems is about to change due to new requirements of modern mobile devices. New network techniques, like ad-hoc radio communication or peer-to-peer networks allow mobile devices to sense their environment and to interact with other devices dynamically. This paper presents a cutting-edge way to describe objects and(More)
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