Lars M. Kristensen

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New pervasive computing technologies for sensing and communication open up novel possibilities for enhancing traffic safety. We are currently designing and implementing the Ex Hoc infrastructure framework for communication among mobile and stationary units including vehicles. The infrastructure will connect sensing devices on vehicles with sensing devices(More)
The LIWAS Traffic Warning System aims at providing early warning to vehicles about slippery conditions on the road. The LIWAS system is currently under development and consists of two main parts: sensors for measuring and classifying the state of the road, and a communication infrastructure for distributing road-state information to vehicles. This paper(More)
According to MIT's Technology Review[1], wireless sensor networks are one of the ten emerging technologies that will change the world. Undoubtedly, this fact has been widely understood by the research community and explains the interest received by the research area of sensor networks. Many issues still need to be solved, one of them is enabling software to(More)
Preface This special issue is dedicated to selected papers from the 33rd International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency (PETRI NETS 2012), which took place in June 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. In a careful reviewing process, 18 regular papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference among 55 submissions. Then,(More)
This paper demonstrates the potential of veriication based on state spaces reduced by equivalence relations. The basic observation is that quite often, some states of a system are similar, i.e., they induce similar behaviours. Similarity can be formally expressed by deen-ing equivalence relations on the set of states and the set of actions of a system under(More)
Copyright for the individual papers is held by the papers' authors. Copying is permitted only for private and academic purposes. This volume is published and copyrighted by its editors. For the successful realization of complex systems of interacting and reactive software and hardware components the use of a precise language at different stages of the(More)